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What happened to Tobias A?

Dear Tobias,

You were not at work today. Are you sick again? I suggested that you were abducted by aliens, but others just laughed off the idea.

I hope you are not abducted at all, but, if you are, it would be cool if your abductors were aliens. Cool, of course, if they return you. And I mean – you, the real you, not a clone of yours…

Oh, no… now I am scared! How will I be able to know that you are the real you when I see you again?

IF they return “you” at all…



07 Nov 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

Was it snow or was it rain that was falling on Stockholm this morning? The opinions were divided.

The results of today’s online survey conducted by “Times of Sweden” showed that the majority of those who experienced rain were also pro invasion of Norway, with the main aim of moving the responsibility for giving The Nobel Peace Prize “to Sweden, where it belongs”.

According to the Zero Personal Privacy Law, “Times of Sweden” provided the government with all the IP addresses of the survey participants.

Your obsessive-compulsive survey-filling reporter hopes that she won’t be behind bars the next time you hear from her.

First posted here, in The Skeptic’s Newspaper