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The Nose (living on the edge)

The Accident

It was early in the morning and I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I washed my face and was about to put the towel back on the hook, when somehow I managed to turn my head in a previously unexplored direction. My silly move was immediately punished with an excruciating “I see stars” pain before everything became silent and turned black.

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The evolution of my coffee sense

(A story about growing up)


At first I had none. No “coffee sense” or anything connected to it, existed in my head.


One day, as my awareness of the external world grew over a certain point, I have noticed a peculiar thing. They called it “coffee”.

Coffee was embodied in mini black holes of a specific smell that grown ups gravitated towards in their daily get-togethers.

Upon a closer inspection I have noticed that coffee was a blackish liquid with brown foam on top. They used to drink it from small cups – that previously established source of the strong gravitational force.

Grown ups; a mysterious drink; conversations that were either boring or non-understandable; the whole happening often enveloped in clouds of smoke… I was suspecting that all those coffee drinkers were actually members of a sect. Therefore I decided to stay away from coffee.

That was the beginning. My coffee sense hatched from those feelings and impressions. There it was; a virtual one-state cell, with no developed receptors.

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