While I Was Waiting

I was waiting, staring through the window as if the glass wasn’t there.

It was harder to do the same thing with walls. How funny, when you think about it, since both are made of sand. Walls and windows. Like coal and diamonds.

I think I prefer the transparent forms.

He came and turned around. Yes, the shirt was great, and he looked fine. I just wanted us to leave already, but he thought that the shirt did not really feel like The Shirt for The Evening. He needed more time to decide.

I turned and looked outside.

I was getting really good at this; now I could see through the curtain of snowflakes as if they were not there. But, the walls were not giving up yet. Well, I had plenty of time.


  1. Lydia Said:

    Wonderful Jelena, I liked very much whole story .
    … Now I could see through the curtain of snofalkes… This is such a nice poetry.
    Ciao Jelena, your short stories are very beautiful.

    Lydia- pozdrav

    • Jelena Said:

      Thank you Lydia, I am very glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Jelena Said:

    This piece was published at Boston Literary Magazine, Spring 2010

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