Negative Suck :: March 2010

A piece I wrote, Burn Me Farewell, is featured in the March issue of Jeffrey S. Callico’s Negative Suck.

The March issue of Negative Suck is featuring the following authors and artists:

Kenneth Pobo, Ron Androla, KJ Hays, Eileen Escabar, Emily Smith-Miller, Brittany Wallace, Lyn Lifshin (Negative Suck’s first guest author), John C. Mannone, Lynn Kinsey, Lara Konesky, Kristen Shaw, Adam Moorad, and returning author Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge. (Another piece I wrote, “Some Men Talk Too Much”, was published in The Virgin Issue of Negative Suck in December 2009.)


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  2. j guevara Said:

    Nice piece Jel. congrats. Loved the line “if you ever forget anything about me, please let it be my name.” I always look forward to what your mind is going to come up with next.. always a pleasant surprise, and getting better all the time.

    keep right on writin’…

    j guevara

  3. David Barber Said:

    A great piece Jelena. I’ve got a few of yours to read. Well done. 🙂

  4. Jelena Said:

    Thank you!
    This piece is the best I wrote so far, IMHO. I am quite proud of it. 🙂

  5. Paul Said:

    …and quite proud you should be!! A marvellous piece, may have to share this one I think…

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