Frigid (Kay’s story) @ disenthralled

Black and white. Captivating photography and writing. Moving and memorable.

disenthralled is a journal of art, photography and literature that lie somewhere between contemporary Gothic and Noir.

I am proud to be one of the authors whose pieces are featured at disenthralled. A piece I wrote, Frigid (Kay’s story) is a part of ISSUE #7.

disenthralled, ISSUE #7 : Poetry and prose by Karen Baker, J.S. MacLean, Carrie Clevenger, Kilian Conor, Paula Ray, William Doreski, Roberta Lawson, Tyson Bley, Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge. Photography by Jill Auville. Produced by Walter Conley.


  1. David Barber Said:

    A very ‘poetic’ piece of writing, Jelena. Enjoyed it. (I only dropped by yesterday and was wondering what you were up to. Nice to see you back.)

    Regards, David.

    • Jelena Said:

      Thank you for reading, David. I am glad you liked ‘Frigid’. 🙂

  2. pochp Said:

    You’re very successful now Jelena. Congrats!

    • Jelena Said:

      Thank you. I do not know if I am successful. I am just putting my sentences together, that makes me happy.
      Thank you, pochp, for dropping by and commenting on my writing since I started this blog.

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