The Circle of Friends Award


Absolutely Kate gave me The Circle of Friends Award! Thank you, Kate, you are also one of my favorite blogging friends! 🙂

Here are my five other favorites:

Doug Mathewson

Jeffrey S. Callico

Jim Wittenberg

j guevara

Peter Strömberg (in Swedish)


  1. You are most welcome lovely Jelena … will you translate Peter Stromberg for me so that I may read more of him.

    Hmmm, but who is going to translate Doug and Jeff?
    Smiling … I see the Kawfeee cat is still perking around too — I’ll have to go discover Jim … an endorsement from you is big indeed.

    And Doug?
    Ah, he’s sweet on you too.
    (Shhhh, don’t tell him I told you)

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. PEZ Said:

    While at it you can translate Kate some. Start with that Blue is the new Red thing. It looks interesting!

    Many thanks for including me in this company. Everyday I need to take an active decision not to stop blogging. Now I’m so high I can wait a few months before deciding again. =)

  3. Linda Said:

    Oooohhhhh, new blogs to explore. Congrats Jelena and her merry troop of 5. I know Dougie, but not the rest… off to see… Peace, Linda

  4. Congratulations on this international award! I am honored to share
    the spot-light with Jelena and friends. I was vacuming my cats when I saw the news on TV. What a shocker!! When all the Red Carpet business is finished we can talk at the “After-Party.’

    Love to all, Doug

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