Lady D says (Dead Wolf Lullaby)

Winter landscapes exposed me to you, Graceslayer, to your blood thirst and your favorite toys.

My dead body hangs on your wall and your little town could not be redder today.

But, Lady D says that she is lying in wait for you, Graceslayer.

Lady D says she’ll quake the life out of your retarded being. She says that in my next life I’ll get a toy made of your hide.

But… I do not want the toy. I just want to live again, howl at the moon and run free with my pack, without you in sight.

And you know what, Graceslayer – that is how it shall be; this is your last life, Lady D says. Your soul perished when you sent that bullet through my heart.

Yes, my dead body hangs on your wall today, but I shall be reborn tomorrow, while your days are numbered. Lady D is counting.

There are laws above yours, Graceslayer.


  1. Jelena Said:

    Please, stop the killing of wolves in Sweden.

  2. Lydia Said:

    Very nice story Jelena with next, last life, reborn and live again, howl at the moon… I like he WOLF.
    I really enjoyed

  3. Jelena Said:

    Thank you, Lidija.

    A made-up reality, an attempt to balance the injustice, and comfort myself.

    What they did this winter in Sweden is so cruel, so stupid. Those wolves did not have to die. Trophy hunting. 12 000 hunters against barely 200 wolves – yes, we had only 200 in Sweden. Now we have maybe 150-180 left, if that many.

    No wonder we invented religion and believe in all the possible and impossible stuff. There is too much pain around us, we need comfort.

    We need to believe that impossible is – possible.

  4. azad Said:

    i have never sen like this befor thnnx you i loved this

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