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Paint it pink (Norwegian melody)

The bunnies jumped softly when they saw your pink watch. Oh, the sight!

The pretty watch is broken, worthless, and the overjoyed bunnies can have it. Happy, happy!

Five o’ clock is standing still and the bubbly bunnies will be clinking their fragile tea-cups forever. Clink! Clink!

The tiny voices are bouncing off the pink clouds of my thoughts. Singing bunnies!

They live inside, my little five o’ clock bunnies, coloring my days. My black days!

White heat @ disenthralled – UNDER THE TRIPLE-MOON

Please read my White heat in the new issue of disenthralled UNDER THE TRIPLE-MOON

Poetry and prose by Quin Browne, Susannah Elisabeth Pabot, Rachel Kalyna, Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge and P.A.Levy.

Photography by Kelly Rae Daugherty. Visit her website at

Edited by Walter Conley.


I am
a screenful
of images
Twenty-six plus
different letters
then shuffled.

I am
black and white,
always right
for you
for anyone.
made to fit