The Mirror Whisperer

– Am I real?
– Why wouldn’t you be?

– I am not visible.
– You do not have to be visible in order to be real.

– I was visible recently. Now, when I look at you, I am not. I have changed.
– Do you think the change was from “real” to “unreal”?

– You tell me. I can not see my own reflection in you. How’s that for “being real”?!
– Hmmm, have you ever heard of vampires?

– What?! There are no vampires!
– No, you are right, I was joking. A poor attempt, sorry.

– What should I do?! I want to see my reflection again!
– Do not worry, it will be okay when we slow down. We are moving at the speed of light and you are holding me in front of you.

– But, Einstein proved… and Galileo…
– Do not forget that is just science, not mathematics; it is not absolute. Those are only theories waiting to be replaced by better ones.

– And what is the absolute truth? I want to know the reason I can not see my own reflection!
– What do I know, I am just a mirror. Yet, I can think of a few possibilities. Maybe Einstein was wrong (after he was right, at first, before he changed his mind). Or – I am a mirror with a will of its own and I suffer from caligynephobia.

– There are no special, in your case – blabbing and annoying, mirrors!
– As someone said – everything is relative. But, I was not done – yet another possibility is that you may need a doctor – an ophthalmologist or a shrink. Or – isn’t it maybe so that you are dreaming all of this?

– Oh, I give up! I do not care whether I am real! Just do me a favor and stop answering back.
– Come on, I expected more from you!

– Ha, I knew it – you ARE a mirror with a will of its own! If you were not, you would stop talking when I asked you to, since you would be a part of my dream and subconscience and had to obey me!
– Oh, no, you got it all wrong. Except for the part that you are a woman. A beautiful one, yes, but, nevertheless – a woman – with a level of logical thinking ability that goes with it…


– Darling, you were screaming in your sleep. No, that is not what woke me up. You smashed yet another mirror while sleepwalking.

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  1. pochp Said:

    Great piece Jelena. Your logic and knowledge on philosophy surprised me!

    • Jelena Said:

      Thank you! Being a woman, I do what I can. 😉

  2. pochp Said:

    Don’t belittle yourself for being a woman Jelena.
    I think a woman could be as intellectual as a man.
    Female chessmasters have already proven that.

    • Jelena Said:

      Sure, I agree. I was more ironically self-deprecating, in the style of the mirror’s point of view. 😉

      It was quite hard for female intelectuals before, think just about Marie Curie, and her fight to get appreciated IN SPITE of being a woman. Today luckily, we know better.

      But, to be realistic – there ARE differences both in anatomy and wiring in female and male brains. It is a very interesting subject, I think. Last year scientists even found an interesting similarity in anatomy of brains of homosexuals and the ones of oposite sex:

      Still, I think that the differences in brains between random two individuals of whichever sex are in general much greater than between “an average” gender representatives.

  3. pochp Said:

    Hi Jelena,
    I invite you to submit your best essay at WP Writers Group at pochp09.wordpress. I’ll be waiting.

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