An Accidental Murderer

A murderer is in my bed, lying next to me, breathing silently. She looks like the most innocent creature that ever walked the Earth, nothing but gentle softness resides in her transparent aura.

Her cheek on my hand feels light as a feather. Her body is warm and dry like a good summer day. All the hugs and kisses stained her with my perfume; she smells so sweet. The scent feels different and even better on her than the pure concentrate from the bottle.

I kiss her perfect little forehead and she makes a small sound while dreaming of her past and future killings.

My little angel kills with her innocence unharmed. No, she never regrets it. Still, she always gets confused in front of Death. She does not understand. Where did Life go?

I struggle hard to ignore all the killings, I do not want to think of them. I love her as she is, my little furry darling angel. My little accidental murderer.


  1. pochp Said:

    This sounds like hard-boiled crime fiction which is my line (I might borrow this someday ok? :-)).
    Your murderer is your cat, am I right?

    • Jelena Said:

      🙂 Yes, you are right! It is my little sweet Maven, one of my three cats.

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  3. My small murderer, who was asleep with her head on my left hand as I typed, was angered when I woke her to share this piece. She bit me
    (just to show who really is in charge) and then purred deeply in reverent

    • Jelena Said:

      Maven says “Mrauuuu”. It is quite cold here and she gets to kill only her toys these days.


  4. More time to stir the pot of vengence –

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