The Voice of God

“You should go out and meet some new people. Or some old friends of yours.”
“I have no friends.”

“Of course you do. Anyway, you should not be alone all day long, every day. You must feel lonely.”
“I am not lonely. I am not alone either, God is often with me.”

“He is always with me. But he talks to me often, I meant that.”

“Did you mention to your doctor that God talks to you?”
“No, why should I?”

“Well, I may be wrong, but if there is no God, and you hear voices, that could be a sign of some chemical imbalance. Maybe you need a medication to help you with that.”
“Ha ha, you need help. You are the one who never hears God. Why do you think that is?”

“Because there is no God.”
“Or because you have been a bad girl and God is upset with you.”

“Right, or – that. And why do you say “He”? Even if there was a God, it may be female. Or sexless. Or hermaphrodite. Or who knows…”
“You are so silly. It is clear from his voice he is male. He has such a warm, deep, manly voice.”

“Actually, most people who hear voices in their head hear male voices. That is because, beside other reasons, it is easier for our brains to replicate male voices; they are of a less complexity.”
“Blah, blah. Complexity, replication, schmention… or, simply and truly – God is male.”

“Oh, whatever. Please, talk to some doctor about it.”
“And you talk to someone about why God ignores you. And stop projecting your own problems on me.”

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  1. pochp Said:

    Hi Jel, I thought you were gone for good. You suddenly popped-up in my mind last night and when I logged in online this AM, here you were.
    Welcome back!

    • Jelena Said:

      That is so sweet of you! 🙂 Thank you!

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