The Sandbox

Max was playing in the sand. The castles he was making with help of a small, plastic sand shovel were quite simple in shape and lacked many details. Still, he was doing the best he could. He was humming and looked happily engaged in his sculpting activity.

The Blue Fairy silently glided from a cloud and came to Max from behind. She tenderly touched his head. Max got so scared when he felt her touch that he dropped the shovel, jumped aside and yelled.

“Now now, dear kitty”, said the fairy, “do you know that this is a children’s playing sandbox? You should not try to do what you kitties usually do in sandboxes!”

“Eeew? Who are you and what are you saying!?”

“Oh, I am sorry, so impolite of me… Let me present myself – I am The Blue Fairy from The Dream Fairies Cloud City, and I guard children’s sandboxes while the little ones are asleep.”

“A fairy!? I thought your kind was not real, that you existed only in stories for children! “

“Oh, I see. But, I am real, I promise.”

“But, wait, you do not look like a fairy should, you know – like a pretty lady in a long gown and everything that goes with it…”

“Really? How do I look?”

“To me you look like a small cloud of silvery dust, that, surprisingly enough, talks!”

The Blue Fairy giggled: “That is so funny! I had no idea that you cats see me that way!”

“Why do you keep addressing me as a cat?!”

“Because you are a cat!”

“No, I am not a cat! I am human! I am a grown up and I am trying to repair my son’s sand castles that rain had almost ruined!”

The Blue Fairy and Max were staring at each other’s direction in silence, wondering; a tiny cloud of vibrating dust and a white cat; a slender, pale lady with long brown hair and a blue-eyed guy in his thirties, with sand in his hair and on his hands.

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