Grandmother dearest

-You look taller. Is it the shoes? Wait, no, these are your old shoes, right?
– I guess I just got taller.
– You also look slimmer. I like your dress, I do not remember you wearing it before. I did not think that Laura Ashley style was your cup of tea, but you do look sweet in it.
– You were not born yet when I used to wear it. It was in fashion back then.

– Now you look more like me.
– I looked more like you when I was younger.
– I thought the same when I was looking at the old photos, but one can not be sure. How did you come here?
– I can not tell you.

– The hat… It looks the same as the one I destroyed 20 years ago in my attempts to make something cool enough so I could wear it.
– It is the same hat.
– How can it be the same hat?
– I can not tell you.

– Why are you here?
– I live here.
– You lived here. They sold it. The new tenants are moving in next week; I am cleaning the apartment.
– I will not leave.

– Why? Isn’t it better there? You do not know the new tenants. You will be bored here.
– I will not leave just because THEY want me to. No one can make me leave.
– Do as you wish. Should I pass some message to someone?
– No.

– They miss you, you know.
– I know.
– I also miss you. It is a bit inconvenient and unsettling that you come to me whenever you please, not when I need you.
– I come when I can, not when I wish. It is complicated.

– I have to go now. But, you really seem taller. Wait… these ARE your old shoes? We buried you wearing them, right?
– Yes.
– I thought so. Then you simply got taller after you died.

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