On some days I get reminded that someone made me a dual creature. I am human and I am robot.

They do not know that I know that I am robot as well. My human being is hiding it from the robot intruder and from them. It is my own little secret.

Today I opened the dishwasher after the washing program was done and the steam from it fogged my left eye lens. My robot reflexes were fast, but this time my human perception was faster. The robot reflexes quickly moved my head away from the steam, turning it to the right while instantly rolling the semi-organic lenses down, covering the previously exposed hard robot lenses.

The movement came too late for my left eye, and that is how the human perception came into the picture; I saw my robot eye lens fogging for a few milliseconds, if that long. Anyway – long enough. I am human and I am robot.



  1. pochp Said:

    We were all trained to be half robots by religion, society, and sad to say, most by our parents.

  2. Neverword Said:

    Half Human, half Robot and half God, so to say.^^

    As long as we are able to cram such a bulk of meaning and implication into such a short piece, we will pravail. (Against whom, one might ask…)

  3. pochp Said:

    You’re philosophical, profound, and terse indeed Neverworld.

  4. Jelena Said:

    Thank you, pochp and Neverword, for posting your thoughts. It means a lot to me that you read my story and that you gave me your feedback.

    I want to dedicate you the story I wrote last night – The Orchid.

  5. Perhaps that is why we always check the box marked “Other”.

  6. Jelena Said:

    They might read this, therefore I filed it under ‘fiction’.

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